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About Us

M&O Centre for Data Management and Research Ltd was established in the year 2002 under the name M&O Data Experts Ltd, the name was later changed to the current one after the company was incorporated again in 2007. The company is headquartered in Nairobi. M&O Centre for Data Management and Research Ltd is run by a group of experienced scientists, statisticians, researchers, data experts and expert computer programmers with professional qualifications and long experience in development research, social research, statistics, urbanisation studies,  formulation of action-oriented policies at at City, National Regional and Global level.

In 2014 M&O Centre for Data Management and Research Ltd launched a revolutionary initiative for Africa dubbed Red Pact-Africa, with the sole mission of using the long experience and expertise to assist African countries to attain sustainable development through sound Research, Data analytics, Actionable Policies and Action Plans.

Over the years Red Pact-Africa has been involved in several groundbreaking urban sustainability studies in Africa and beyond. Our experts in collaboration with other renown global experts have been involved in projects in areas such as Smart Cities, Smart Urban Observatories, and various studies linking data, policy and actions. Our great expertise in areas of Urban Analysis, Urban Statistics and Data Analytics have been instrumental for the success of most of these projects.

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Our Mission

While progress on specific priorities and action plans can be made and monitored over the long and short term, significant,meaningful,systemic change in society and in social and economic prosperity takes time. Our mission is based on where the world want to be by 2030.

Our Mission is to support Societies, Cities and Countries to achieve their goals both in statistics terms as well as observable transformations within their societies and communities particularly those living in urban areas.

Driven by the spirit of "Leave no one and no place behind" and "shared prosperity" - where everyone has the opportunity to live well and contribute in a meaningful way within a country that is caring, safe, and creative—now and into the future.

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Our Goals

At the center of our Mission are the goals we share with the urban world, these goals forms the basic and interconnected fabrics that hold together all urban areas together or make cities sustainable — essentially it is our goal to make cities achieve them:

  1. Health and Well-Being: All should have access to health information, services, care, and support they need to be as physically and mentally healthy as they can be. People should not only appear to be health, they should feel healthy and well - that's well-being.

  2. Access to Basic Services and Basic Needs: All to have access to basic services such as improved shelter, improves water, improved sanitation. Have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Achieve food security and have access to improved nutrition for all.

  3. Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for all: All to have opportunities to gain useful/gainful skills, knowledge, and experience that contribute to their personal growth throughout their lives.

  4. Access, Equity and Inclusion: The talents and contributions of all are recognized, valued, and celebrated—and all to have equitable access to opportunities to meet their full potential and contribute to social and economic prosperity of their nation. Eliminate all forms of discrimination be it race, gender, age, ethnicity or religion etc. Ultimately Reduce inequality within and among communities, cities and countries.

  5. Citizenship Development,Engagement: All to have meaningful, relevant opportunities to contribute to their communities and to understand their shared responsibility for their individual and collective well-being - either in gainful employment or as volunteers.

  6. Safety and Security: All citizens should feel safe within their communities, cities and nation and feel secure in meeting their own basic needs, either by themselves or with support. Protect all forms of disasters that cause injuries or deaths.

  7. Environmental Sustainability: Ensure that our consumption and production patterns reduce the negative impact on the environment, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life now and for future generation.

  8. Media Freedom and Access to information: Encourage free, balanced and fair reporting by all media, respecting rights privacy. Media is the mirror image of the society, free, fair and balanced reporting is essential for the growth and development in any society.

  9. Culture and Development: preservation, promotion and safeguarding the history, culture and heritage of a people is form of identity and empowerment. All human expression emanates from inherent pride and culture that is a live within a person.

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Our Guiding Principles

In all we do and say for the benefit of all our clients and partners we are always guided by the following:

  • We are all reminded that our governments at all levels spend our money to serve our own best interest.

  • Strive to waste nothing is the cardinal rule and the foundation of sustainable prosperity, therefore being open, transparent and accountable for input and results - positive/negative is the beginning and the end.

  • The people expects their governments to manage resources with the same prudence that they use in managing their own budgets.

This means

  • Setting priorities for investment based on research, demonstrated needs, and evidence of what works.

  • delivering programs and services cost-effectively and collaboratively.

  • being open, transparent, and accountable for inputs and results 

Most significantly, the people expects their governments to waste nothing. This is the foundation for sustainable prosperity.

Our role is to provide necessary information to help governments at all levels to serve their people the best way they can. We have done that in many cities/countries spread around all continents.

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