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Important Policy Concepts

Social Policy

Social policy is about the values, strategies, plans, and actions that most directly affect people - individually and in their relationships and networks with their friends, families, and communities. For example, good social policy can enable:

  • expectant parents to stay healthy

  • children and young people to learn and grow into healthy, educated, responsible citizens

  • seniors to live long and in good health and in dignity.

  • everyone—at all ages, with differing abilities and needs, and from all cultures and ethnicity—to contribute to and participate in society.

Logically, then, good social policy supports social sustainability

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Environmental Sustainability Policy
Good environmental sustainability policy ensure that in the processes of production and consumption the urban environment remains healthy, habitable and capable of supporting production and consumption in future.

Economic Policy

Good economic policy creates the wealth to address social priorities that, in turn, fuel more innovation and economic growth.

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that ensure reduction in the negative impacts of production and consumption processes on environment indefinitely.

Social Sustainability

For cities to function and be socially sustainable, the basic needs of its residents must be met. A socially sustainable community must have the ability to maintain and build on its own resources and have the resiliency to prevent and / or address problems in the future.

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Social Prosperity

Maintaining our quality of life,while having the capacity to create, recognize, and seize opportunities that can improve the quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Therefore a socially prosperous  city has the ability to maintain a high quality of life and a good standard of living for its citizens, and provide access to employment opportunities, community services, health care, adequate housing, and education.

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